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The significance of agricultural activities

It is often said that no man is an island and this is actually the truth- no one can make it alone in this world, we all need the help of other people one way or the other. The same adage applies in Agriculture. Farmers need platforms where they can meet together and share knowledge on how they can best ... Read More »

How to tell the age of sheep

The number, condition, and order of eruption of the permanent incisors of sheep are the main indicators of their age. There is, however, a wide variation in the time of eruption of the permanent incisors caused by variations in breed, strain and environment, and particularly by nutrition. The teeth of a sheep are divided into two distinct sections, namely, eight ... Read More »

Secrets to Successful Farming From Award Winning Farmers

If one could get at least one piece of useful farming advice from some of Botswana’s leading farmers what could that be? Over time Farmer’s Magazine Botswana has featured a number of award winning farmers and their secrets to farming success. We thought it interesting to revisit what some of these farmers’ say is the secret to their success. Track ... Read More »

Woman in agriculture expo draws near

With the aim of providing a one of a kind experience that gives women in the agricultural sector tools to be empowered and be on an equal footing with their male counterparts, the Women In Farming Expo (WIFE) is drawing near. The first ever agricultural expo that focuses on women in the agricultural sector founded by a young and enterprising, ... Read More »

Drought strategy and suggestions

By Ralph Ferreira, General Manager at Agric Fountain Agriculture Fellow farmers, we all know that our country Botswana and Southern Africa as a whole are suffering from a crippling drought which is now into the second year. This phenomenon being controlled by ‘El Nino’ and by reading weather reports is set to last a few more months due to its ... Read More »


  There hasn’t been a better time for Botswana to explore alternative economic diversification measures than now. Among these many alternatives is Ostrich Farming. For those interested in this venture, Botswana Ostrich Farmers Association (BOFA) will educate you and bring the latest developments in the industry through this column.   For weeks to come, this column will summarise contents of ... Read More »

Agriculture expected to drive growth under ESP

By providing incentives like a guaranteed market access, mandated food procurement from local producers by public institutions and market facilitation through production clusters and co-operatives, the government through its Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP), is expected to turn the agricultural sector into one of the key drivers of the economic growth and employment creation. This was said by President Ian Khama ... Read More »

Ways to market your poultry

As is common with any farmer who wants to see financial gains from their efforts, there is a tendency by poultry farmers to spend a lot of time, energy and resources on the production side of things. This is understandable given the fact that many people involved with farming are so in love with the production side of it that ... Read More »

Brucellosis in cattle

Brucellosis is highly contagious anthropo- zoonotic bacterial disease that is primarily present in animals but can be transmitted to humans. The disease is typically found in cattle, goats and sheep, but wildlife species can also test positive. This is, however, only significant if they are likely to come into close contact with livestock. Farmers, vets, abattoir workers and other people handling livestock are in a ... Read More »

A Grand Champion prize winner’s secrets to successful cattle breeding

It would be interesting to know the cattle breeding secrets behind the success of this year’s Ghanzi Show grand champion of the yard prize winner Rudie Lemcke.“The secret to successful breeding is to be honest about what you want. Set a standard about how you want your cattle to be like. For example we want our cattle to have good hooves, which can walk properly and have a thick medium ... Read More »