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Sekobye brothers for quality farming

Over the years there has been a deep concern especially by the government that young people are not into Agriculture despite it being one of the sectors that can help them escape the current plague of unemployment. This however, seems to be becoming a cry of the past as the youth have now started to show enormous interest in the ... Read More »

Setlhaolo’s perseverance pays off

In the Southern District of Botswana about 86 kilometres from the country’s capital city, Gaborone lies the Bangweketse capital called Kanye. It is a village rich in history. A land that renowned public figures hail from including Kgosi Seepapitso and the former statesman Sir Ketumile Masire. In the same Kanye, there is an emerging millionaire farmer called Morris Setlhaolo. Setlhaolo ... Read More »

I love small stock farming-Schutte

  In the Southern part of Botswana in the Barolong District lies the “infamous” small village called Metlojane. There is nothing much happening in this village that may grab people’s attention to the village. Like in most villages in the country, Metlojane is a remote area without much development such as electricity, infrastructure and others. However, it is in the ... Read More »

Sharing and educating for the love of farming- Peter Badenhorst

  Invited by a client to a workshop in the Borolong area turned out to be a trip worth the effort.. Seldom one attends these agricultural workshops does one leave a fulfilled man at the end of the day. However a workshop in Metlojane recently addressing crop spraying for herbicides and pesticides was an enlightening encounter. The workshop conducted by ... Read More »

Empowering women farmers begins at home

In addition to being a successful woman farmer in her own right, Nonny Wright a Maun based farmer sees the need to reach out to more young female farmers to help them get established in the business of farming. Speaking to Farmer’s Magazine Botswana recently Wright said just as charity begins at home, empowering women agricultural entrepreneurs needs to start ... Read More »

Going into full time farming…

Lessons from 2015, the way forward in 2016 Going into full time farming in 2016 could be your dream as an aspiring young farmer in Botswana. But on taking the leap, one may find that the landscape is whole different scenario when all the plans on paper get replaced by unexpected heart breaking realities. After leaving full time employment in ... Read More »

Why I turned to small stock farming

  What could drive a master farmer who once sold a herd of 500 cattle at a single auction (when it was unheard of in the communal areas that one can even sell a hundred cattle without shutting down his operation) to suddenly switch to small stock production? “Cattle production is more expensive besides that, the rate of return on ... Read More »

Small stock: which breed makes the most money?

Which small stock breed is going to make you the most money? This is a question most aspiring small stock farmers have asked this year’s National Agricultural Show prize winning small stock breeder Henne Schutte. And he has an answer to that question; “People in Botswana like to ask; ‘Which breed will make you the most amount of money?’ I ... Read More »

Entrepreneur aims to improve small holder farmers’ livelihoods

“We are empowering small holder farmers to become wealthy,” says Martin Stimela about his new mobile application which he expects to take Botswana’s agriculture to new heights. It is the first of its kind in Botswana. Speaking in an interview with Farmer’s Magazine Botswana recently, Stimela said the new mobile application will be targeted at Botswana’s underserved smallholder farming community. ... Read More »