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Managing a dairy calf

  Calves face various challenges during the first days of life. For example, the calving process is a major risk factor, acquiring adequate immunity from Colostrum during the first hours of life, avoiding infectious diseases while the immune system is still developing, the stress of weaning and isolation into individual pens, dehorning and vaccination all have an impact in the ... Read More »

Dark cloud for ‘lazy’ ISPAAD farmers

  ‘O le aramele le sa go tlhabetse’ or Make hay while the sun still shines,’ when translated, is an adage which simply motivates or encourages people to take advantage of the available opportunities or resources to get themselves from point A to point B in life. The government of Botswana through the then Ministry of Agriculture in 2008 introduced ... Read More »

Farming requires hard work – Badenhorst

The director of Ramogomana Farms, Peter Badenhorst has urged fellow farmers to take farming seriously as it has the ability to better their living standards. Speaking at a workshop on pests control and crop spraying in Mmathethe recently, Badenhorst told farmers that gone are the days when one farmed just because of tradition. The 21st century farming is faced with ... Read More »

Haskins reaches out to farmers

  In their endeavor to assist farmers in the country attain national food security Haskins and Sons has taken a step to embark on a mission of interacting with farmers and sensitize them about the company’s products and services. Recently the company which is one of the leading major suppliers of a wide range of Agri-products was part of a ... Read More »

Agri-sales opens hyper store

  The year 2017 seems to have come with greater times for one of Agri-products suppliers, Agri-sales shop as it is set to open Agri-Sales hyper store. Speaking in an interview Agri-Sales shop managing director Jezer Rampa said the move was triggered by the demands of farmers for a friendly shopping experience. Rampa also said that initially Agri-Sales shop solely ... Read More »

Truth about grain: Feeding grain to small ruminants

Some producers feed a  lot  of grain to their livestock, while others do not feed any grain   at   all.   Obviously,   forage i.e. pasture, range, browse and hay is the most natural diet for goats, sheep and steer ruminant animals. Ruminants are less likely to experience digestive problems if they are consuming high forage diets. The purpose of feeding grain, commercial ... Read More »

Govt. warned of booby traps since Independence

  Along with pictures of Tau woman in 1914 racing with dresses tugged under their bloomers and men competing for pole position on top of long-horned bulls, derelict mountains of files, news clips and reports at the National Archives on the evidence of why Botswana’s agricultural progress is where it is today give an ever fresh insight into the pace ... Read More »

Is Botswana doing enough on food security?

  Before independence the country was relatively doing well in food production. Agriculture was the mainstay of the economy however the advent of minerals reversed all the efforts gained before independence as people migrated to urban centres and mining towns for better living conditions. The agricultural sector that contributed over 30percent to the GDP has since independence dropped to a ... Read More »

Empowering women farmers begins at home

In addition to being a successful woman farmer in her own right, Nonny Wright a Maun based farmer sees the need to reach out to more young female farmers to help them get established in the business of farming. Speaking to Farmer’s Magazine Botswana recently Wright said just as charity begins at home, empowering women agricultural entrepreneurs needs to start ... Read More »

The importance of water in livestock farming

Water is life, the most important nutrient for all animals, plants, and plays a fundamental role in farming as well. A good water supply system must be in place to supply livestock with adequate water to improve herd production. Water also aids the digestion of food and feeds, assists with the metabolic reaction in feeds, facilitates faecal excretion, improves growth, ... Read More »