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Pasteurella: A disease to watch out for!

One of the diseases to look out for at this time the year is Pasteurella. Below are is information on the disease. Symptoms Acute death of animals Fever, lack of appetite Coughing, loss of condition, difficult breathing, discharge from nose and ears. Animals lie down with neck stretched out. Cause The disease is caused by Pasteurella haemolytica and Pasteurella multicocida ... Read More »

The importance of water in livestock farming

Water is life, the most important nutrient for all animals, plants, and plays a fundamental role in farming as well. A good water supply system must be in place to supply livestock with adequate water to improve herd production. Water also aids the digestion of food and feeds, assists with the metabolic reaction in feeds, facilitates faecal excretion, improves growth, ... Read More »

Brucellosis in cattle

Brucellosis is highly contagious anthropo- zoonotic bacterial disease that is primarily present in animals but can be transmitted to humans. The disease is typically found in cattle, goats and sheep, but wildlife species can also test positive. This is, however, only significant if they are likely to come into close contact with livestock. Farmers, vets, abattoir workers and other people handling livestock are in a ... Read More »