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Botswana has enjoyed rains this year like never before. Like never before?? This is a question everyone can answer differently but to most..yes like never before. An old man of over 70years said it was his first time to see some streams and rivers flowing in his entire life. The old man from gaNgwaketse said his association with nature has ... Read More »

Are we responding to climate change?

As Botswana grapples with the abundance of coal deposits in Mamabule for electricity, the world is fast shifting to green energy. Are we caught napping as we fight to mine our coal deposits for export to China and India who are currently the largest exporters of solar appliances? India and China as the worlds’ most populated countries are working hard ... Read More »

Going into 2016 wiser

As is common world over, the beginning of a year brings with it new hope. It is a chance to start afresh, right any wrongs from the previous year and fulfill some of our dreams.   In the midst of all this new hope that the New Year brings, it may not be the greatest of beginnings the farmer given ... Read More »

Adaptation: The key to surviving and thriving

The Department of Meteorological Services (DMS) recently presented to the stakeholders, a bleak seasonal rainfall  outlook for the 2015/16 season . Just as we are emerging from a devastating 2014/15 drought things don’t seem t be getting any better, thus threatening the prospects for the agricultural sector. It is apparent that a wet season is no longer what we can ... Read More »

Lessons from Ghanzi Show

The just ended Ghanzi Show 2015 serves as an example of how agriculture can have positive far reaching effects on the economy outside the sector itself. At this time of the year people from all walks of life around Botswana (and yes even from outside of Botswana!) gather for this exciting agricultural event of the year. Hotels, lodges and guest houses all record full bookings. Understandably some bookings are even ... Read More »

Time to eliminate the risk in farming

“I will never go into farming, it’s just too risky for me,” an aspiring young entrepreneur once said to me. Unfortunately, for a trade that has been in existence from the beginning of time, this is becoming a  commonly held view among young people today. What is even more disturbing is that even financiers and  investors share the same viewpoint ... Read More »

‘Impact,’ is the key word!

“Surely, we do not want a new university whose role is to churn out graduates annually and who together with professors and other academics that have little impact on sustainable agricultural transformation and yet government continues funding it…” these were the words of Dr. Segwele at the Botswana College of Agriculture (soon to become the Botswana University of Agriculture and ... Read More »