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Breeding season for beef cattle

    By: Boweditswe Masilo Several factors affect productive performance of   beef  cattle and research carried out in Botswana found that reproductive performance is influenced by breed, calving period and age or parity of the cow. Parity simply means whether the cow is a first calver or has  calved several times before. In addition to these findings research also established ... Read More »

Narrow escape for Zone 11 beef producers

Beef producers in the Zone 11 area (Kgatleng, Kweneng, Southern and South East Districts) have narrowly escaped the collapse of their industry after the recent lifting of the ban on the movement of cloven hoofed animals and their products in Zone 11. The ban was lifted following the negative outcome of the tests on a buffalo found at Moreane crush ... Read More »

The Buffalo and FMD

The animal behind the scare that nearly paralysed the beef sector Following reports of buffaloes in the Southern District early in April, the fear of the dreaded Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) had once again reared its ugly head this time in Zone 11 (Southern, Kgatleng, South East and Kweneng Districts) thereby  paralyzing the beef trade. The buffalo and the ... Read More »

Where does it come from?

The question of the origins of the buffalo spotted in the Zone 11 area is still something that begs for answers as indicated by government officials at a recent press briefing. The Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Agriculture, Boipelo Khumomatlhare said they currently had no clear indication as to where the buffalo could have come from. “We can only know ... Read More »

Batswana urged to start AI companies

The need for improved genetics avails a lucrative business opportunity for Batswana to set up their own Artificial Insemination (AI) businesses in the remote areas of the country, the National Animal Breeding Coordinator in the Department of Animal Production, Dr. Benjamin Sebonego has said in an interview recently. Sebonego said a privately owned AI company can allow Batswana to utilize ... Read More »

Bonsmara SA to increase footprint in Botswana

Riding on the strong demand for the Bonsmara in Botswana, the Bonsmara South Africa Cattle Breeders Society (Bonsmara SA) is planning to participate at major agricultural shows in the country to further promote the cattle breed. The society’s general manager, Evelyn Strydom has said in an interview recently. “Bonsmaras are in high demand in Botswana because of the good qualities ... Read More »

Mixing feed for better beef during drought

      What can a farmer do to sustain his or her cattle during a dry season? With a dry rainy season having been forecasted by the meteorological department the sustenance of cattle is of paramount importance to farmers. Farmer’s Magazine Botswana spoke to a veterinary technician, Seeletso Komoki on what farmers can feed their cattle with and how ... Read More »

Effective Cattle Farming – O’Brian

  Effective cattle farming is about ensuring you get back what you invest in your livestock. These were the words of Willie O’Brian of Wensim Simmentalers in South Africa during talk at a Southern District Beef Farmers Association field day recently at Ditlhotana cattle post about 28 kilometers from Mmathethe village. O’Brian who is a successful Simmental cattle farmer talked ... Read More »

The genesis of the Bonsmara

The main problem livestock production in the tropics and subtropics, the world over, was what became known as the tropical degeneration syndrome amongst the Bos Taurus breeds of cattle. The British beef  breed namely the Shorthorn, Hereford, Angus and to a lesser extent Sussex and Red Poll, did not thrive under the sub-tropical conditions of the ranching areas of South ... Read More »