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Sekobye brothers for quality farming

Over the years there has been a deep concern especially by the government that young people are not into Agriculture despite it being one of the sectors that can help them escape the current plague of unemployment. This however, seems to be becoming a cry of the past as the youth have now started to show enormous interest in the ... Read More »

Setlhaolo’s perseverance pays off

In the Southern District of Botswana about 86 kilometres from the country’s capital city, Gaborone lies the Bangweketse capital called Kanye. It is a village rich in history. A land that renowned public figures hail from including Kgosi Seepapitso and the former statesman Sir Ketumile Masire. In the same Kanye, there is an emerging millionaire farmer called Morris Setlhaolo. Setlhaolo ... Read More »

Affordable water troughs for small stock

Farmers often tend to focus on providing quality feed and overlook the importance of water in a ruminant’s diet. With sheep, the voluntary consumption of water is two to three times the intake of dry matter. The daily water intake of sheep can be 12 times greater in summer than in winter. When shade is provided, goats consume less water ... Read More »

Treat plants as your children-Badenhorst

It has been said over and over again that there can never be sweet without sweat. Rightly so, farmers should not expect to get good returns from their produce if they are not up to the task to ensure that they use good management practices. The same sentiments were echoed or underscored by Peter Badenhorst of Ramogomana Farming at a ... Read More »

Managing a dairy calf

  Calves face various challenges during the first days of life. For example, the calving process is a major risk factor, acquiring adequate immunity from Colostrum during the first hours of life, avoiding infectious diseases while the immune system is still developing, the stress of weaning and isolation into individual pens, dehorning and vaccination all have an impact in the ... Read More »

Dark cloud for ‘lazy’ ISPAAD farmers

  ‘O le aramele le sa go tlhabetse’ or Make hay while the sun still shines,’ when translated, is an adage which simply motivates or encourages people to take advantage of the available opportunities or resources to get themselves from point A to point B in life. The government of Botswana through the then Ministry of Agriculture in 2008 introduced ... Read More »

The Brahman’s global footprint

The Brahman breed is found all over the world, including North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. The conclusion can be drawn that the breed easily adapts to different climatic and rainfall regions, and makes a huge contribution to global beef production, says Jan Van Zyl, the Brahman Catlle Breeders’ Society Council member responsible for advertising and promotion. ... Read More »

Brahman is an economical breed-Nthase

  The ability for the Brahman breed to be able to adapt to different climatic conditions has seen it being a dear to many farmers across the world including North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Farmers in Botswana have not let themselves be left behind. One such farmer in Botswana who keeps this breed is Phenyo Nthase ... Read More »

I love small stock farming-Schutte

  In the Southern part of Botswana in the Barolong District lies the “infamous” small village called Metlojane. There is nothing much happening in this village that may grab people’s attention to the village. Like in most villages in the country, Metlojane is a remote area without much development such as electricity, infrastructure and others. However, it is in the ... Read More »

The significance of agricultural activities

It is often said that no man is an island and this is actually the truth- no one can make it alone in this world, we all need the help of other people one way or the other. The same adage applies in Agriculture. Farmers need platforms where they can meet together and share knowledge on how they can best ... Read More »