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Ghanzi show a success

Ghanzi show

The recently held 43rd Ghanzi show was a success. The show which was hosted under the theme “Sustainable economic diversification beyond 50 years through green technology” was officially opened by Botswana Stock Exchange Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thapelo Tsheole. Officially opening the Ghanzi Agriculture show Tsheole described the show as “an icon of progressive growth given its clear contribution to the country’s Agricultural output especially in the beef industry.” He said the show offers farmers and aspiring farmers the opportunity or the chance to learn from the country’s best farmers adding that he views Ghanzi as one of the most strategic economic zones in the country.

He said the theme was relevant as it is timely and underscores the importance of economic diversification especially considering the fact that the country is overly dependent on the diamond industry. He also highlighted the importance of green technology given the current global warming scare urging farmers to adopt climate friendly farming methods or practices. Tsheole said farmers have to pay particular attention in the way they rear their cattle and the way they plant their crops so as to avoid further exacerbate the situation. He said the current generation of farmers have to farm with the next generation in mind.

“It is the noblest thing we can currently do to make sure we secure this earth for many generations to come,” said Tsheole.

Tsheole further urged the Ghanzi community to come up with strategies that can help diversify the country’s economy. He said that there are yet opportunities that Ghanzi people can still tap into in as far as making use of all the cattle products is concerned with the main intention of keeping the economic activity and jobs within the country borders. Furthermore, Tsheole has urged farmers to consider listing their farms with the Botswana Stock Exchange.

“Come to Botswana Stock Exchange, create farms, list those farms, run them professionally, access money from the investors, sell shares, get money and increase your production and in turn increase your profitability,” urged Tsheole.

Meanwhile on other issues, this year’s show still saw it being dominated by Lemcke Ranches in the cattle section. Below is a list of some of the award winners at the show;

 Cattle section

Name of Exhibitor                            Champion class

Lemcke  Ranches                               Best Bull on show

Senior locally bred Bull

Senior Champion Bull

Junior Champion Bull

Junior Champion female

Junior locally bred female

Junior locally bred Bull

Reserve Champion of the Yard

Callie Lemcke                                     Champion of the Yard

Grand Champion female

Senior locally bred female

Champion locally bred animal

Senior Champion female

Wolf Ranches                                      Champion Slaughter animal on the hoof


Small Stock section

Name of exhibitor                                Champion Class

Alma Venter                                     Champion of the Yard

Senior Champion Goat ewe

Grand Champion goat ewe

Champion locally bred goat ewe

Bushra                                               Grand Champion goat Ram

Senior Champion Goat Ram

Champion locally bred Goat Ram

Gulam Husain                                  Grand Champion Sheep Ram

Grand Champion Sheep Ewe

Reserve Champion of the Yard

Senior Champion Sheep Ewe

Senior Champion Sheep Ram

Jan Cecil van den Heever              Champion locally bred Sheep Ram

Champion locally bred Sheep Ewe

Frans Kanguaiko                             Junior Champion Sheep Ram

Trudie Vickerman                           Junior Champion Sheep Ewe

Callie Lemcke                                   Junior Champion Goat Ram


Poultry and Rabbits section

All awards in this section were won by Kago Nthaga.

Meanwhile the much anticipated horse race was won by “Antarctic call” from CharlesHill.FMB



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