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The significance of agricultural activities

It is often said that no man is an island and this is actually the truth- no one can make it alone in this world, we all need the help of other people one way or the other. The same adage applies in Agriculture. Farmers need platforms where they can meet together and share knowledge on how they can best improve their production. It is for this reason that farmers in our country need to be applauded because some of them have already taken a step and have formed associations and it is through these associations that they hold annual events that are aimed mainly at empowering fellow farmers to produce quality products.

Every year and almost in every month there is an agricultural activity or event somewhere in the country. This events include field days where farmers from the same farming community and the country at large gather together to learn from each other and network with the main aim of improving the way they handle their production as well as improving the quality thereof  and ultimately increase their production scale.

Some of these associations such as the Sandveld Ranchers Association, Mosisedi Commercial Farmers Association and others, play a pivotal role in ensuring that the Ministry of Agriculture’s vision of attaining national food security becomes a reality. It is through these agricultural events where farmers get the opportunity to interact and exchange knowledge. For small scale farmers this serves as an opportunity for them to network with the country’s leading commercial farmers and learn a thing or two from them.

The events also serve as an opportunity for the youth to learn more about the agriculture sector. It is in such events that many of them change their perception about farming. They get to learn that one can be successful through agriculture. Even those who are already in agriculture but are not commercial farmers, gain knowledge that can motivate them to consider changing their farming practice. Farmers also get the opportunity to share knowledge on how to deal with challenges they face in their productions.

The good thing about agriculture is that it does not leave anyone behind- everyone is included from the young to the old, male and female. Therefore, women also get the opportunity to gain knowledge that can help them make a mark for themselves and better their standards of living. The knowledge they gain help them to become independent.

The events also serve as an opportunity for farmers to get knowledge from other stakeholders on the assistance they can offer them in as far as increased productivity is concerned. Stakeholders such as the Botswana Meet Commission, Banks, and other institutions such as Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) and many others are always present to inform or share with farmers programs or schemes they have that are geared towards helping farmers improve their production.

To help farmers know and understand the products and services they offer, private companies that sell agri-products such as Haskins and Sons are also always part of these events to display and demonstrate their products.

As a reason of all these aforementioned benefits we encourage and recommend farmers and also aspiring farmers to attend such events as they are eye openers. Aluta-continua farmers! FMB

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