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Haskins reaches out to farmers


Kabelo John (Haskins and Sons Sales and Marketing Executive explaining his products to farmers) on his right is Millicent Binang, a farmer in the Ngwaketse South extension area..JPG

Kabelo John (Haskins and Sons, Sales and Marketing Executive) explaining his products to farmers. On his left, Millicent Binang, a farmer in the Ngwaketse South extension area

In their endeavor to assist farmers in the country attain national food security Haskins and Sons has taken a step to embark on a mission of interacting with farmers and sensitize them about the company’s products and services.

Recently the company which is one of the leading major suppliers of a wide range of Agri-products was part of a workshop in Mmathethe which was aimed at teaching farmers on weed control and crop spraying for herbicides and pesticides.

Kabelo John and David Sautereau representatives of the company at the workshop, told farmers that Haskins and Sons which celebrates 120 years of existence this year, appreciates the overwhelming support the company has been getting from farmers.

This support according to Kabelo and Sautereau is the one that has ‘pushed’ the company into coming up with products which are user friendly, of high quality and of low cost.

At the workshop, Kabelo and Sautereau taught farmers about their new jacto XP knapsack sprayer. The new knapsack sprayer gives customers value for their money as it is quality assured and also at an affordable price.

Some of its outstanding features are that the plastic used has not been recycled which enables it to cope with immense sun heat, it is user friendly as it can be easily assembled or disassembled, each of the sprayer’s parts can be replaced, and it is also rated for 1 000 hours of usage as opposed to other knapsack sprayers whose rates is 250 hours of use.

However, this according to Kabelo does not necessarily mean that after 1 000 hours of use the farmer will start experiencing problems with the sprayer but affording the machine a quick-check and cleaning and its strength and durability was further proven to farmers that the sprayer is made of high quality material, Sautereau jumped on the sprayer and its shape remained the same.

Meanwhile Kabelo and Sautereau went further to teach farmers on the proper use of a knapsack sprayer and proper handling thereof. They also taught them about safety precautions to take when spraying. FMB


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