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Agri-sales opens hyper store


The new Agri Sales Hyper Store

The new Agri-Sales Hyper Store

The year 2017 seems to have come with greater times for one of Agri-products suppliers, Agri-sales shop as it is set to open Agri-Sales hyper store. Speaking in an interview Agri-Sales shop managing director Jezer Rampa said the move was triggered by the demands of farmers for a friendly shopping experience.

Rampa also said that initially Agri-Sales shop solely provided farming machinery and implements but the new hyper store will offer farmers the opportunity to find all the products they may require in one place. The hyper store will provide products such as irrigation products, safety wear products, camping products, solar system products and many more.

The new store will also see the expansion of departments such as the spares department, machinery sales, tractor sales and implements and the workshop repairs. Other changes in the new set up include rebranding. According to Rampa, they decided to rebrand as the company is taking a new shift of providing all Agriculture products.

The initial logo of the shop had only a tractor because the focus was provision of farm machinery and implements, but the new logo has the sun just over a leaf, something that signifies growth and symbolic of Agriculture as a whole, argues Rampa.

The new store is located just near the current Agri-Sales shop along the A1 road in Mmamashia. According to Rampa it was not ideal for them to relocate the new store at a different location as the current one is convenient for most of their clients as it is along the Gaborone and Francistown highway (A1) and also there are a lot of agricultural activities in and around Mmamashia.

Rampa said that preparations for the official opening of the store are at an advanced stage and there shall be a massive opening where all relevant stakeholders, farmers and the public at large shall be invited adding that actual dates will be communicated in due time.

He further said that they are looking forward to the opening of the store as they have worked collectively as a team in ensuring that they fulfill their vision of being a preferred supplier in the region of agricultural products delivered both in high quality and at an affordable price. FMB

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