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Sharing and educating for the love of farming- Peter Badenhorst



Peter Badenhorst during demonstration at Ramokoto lands in Metlojane

Invited by a client to a workshop in the Borolong area turned out to be a trip worth the effort..

Seldom one attends these agricultural workshops does one leave a fulfilled man at the end of the day. However a workshop in Metlojane recently addressing crop spraying for herbicides and pesticides was an enlightening encounter. The workshop conducted by Peter Badenhorst, a director of Ramogomana Farming with headquarters in Gaborone and branches in Metlojane, Pandamatenga and Serowe.

Commonly called Ramogomana by his colleagues and the farming community in the area, Peter Badenhorst is a well meaning and intended instructor who believes farmers should start small and gain experience before they grow bigger. He doesn’t subscribe to farmers who would like to start big and meet with bigger challenges which could sink and drown them in the farming sector rather than produce more on minimum land.

Peter whose farming career started in South Africa some years ago is nephew of Norman Jensen, managing director of Ramogomana Farming and known among the Barolong farmers for his agricultural practices of over 20years.

To Peter, taking guidance and following on the footsteps of his uncle Norman, he has been endowed with resourceful and meaningful knowledge which he shares at every opportunity.

Peter has conducted workshops with the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food security through Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) on agro-chemicals and has run over 150 workshops in the last 5years country-wide in conjunction with the Ministry. A father of one, married to Christine, the 44year old Peter encourages his farmers to produce better than the previous year with advanced techniques in controlling pests in plant protection.

His foot-print can be seen at the Masesedi Cluster farms in the Ngwaketse and Borolong area. “When farmers started their first grain in Masesedi I developed them to become better farmers and have worked with over 3000 subsistence in the southern district who I helped and mentored in quality methods on latest technology. ,” explained Peter. He continued that he trains and educate farmers to produce more on minimum land. FMB

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