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Empowering women farmers begins at home

In addition to being a successful woman farmer in her own right, Nonny Wright a Maun based farmer sees the need to reach out to more young female farmers to help them get established in the business of farming. Speaking to Farmer’s Magazine Botswana recently Wright said just as charity begins at home, empoweriWomen In Farming picture 082016ng women agricultural entrepreneurs needs to start at home.

“As a young woman in agribusiness I have gained a lot of recognition and support from my community and it has inspired me to do more,” said Wright with reference to Sereledi Female Agripreneurship Empowerment Program a recent addition to Sereledi Farm, which is a program that is focused on empowering young women in agribusiness.

“With my benchmarking and networking I have met and become aware of so many young women in agribusiness and I want to bring them out to Botswana and the world. This will gain them exposure and unlock many opportunities like finance, market, agric education, mentoring and benchmarking opportunities,” says Wright.

Through the female empowerment program she currently ran a competition through the recently ended Women in Farming expo in which 12 women entered the competition via their Facebook page.

“This was a journey that got attention from all over Botswana and neighbouring countries and the ladies got so much recognition and support. Their stories also inspired aspiring farmers all over the country. Only 5 young women were chosen as the semi finalists and they got opportunities to do radio interviews and video shoots which for most was a first and gave the great exposure. At the finale one young women Amantle Nyemu won herself P10 000 and a mentoring opportunity from a horticulture farmer in Zambia,” she said.

“Our people need to realise that both women and men can feed the nation so parents can also empower the girl-child to access their lands. So the support must start from home. The land boards should also give a bit more priority to women when allocating agricultural land to help empower them. We also need to build confidence in women in agribusiness and their products, offer more support and get men to play a bigger role in the reign of women in Agribusiness.”

“The future is brighter because there are more women are coming up in agribusiness and are doing it together. As nurturers and lovers its blossoms and raises a more sustainable, quality and productive Industry which is what we need in Botswana.” FMB



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