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Ostrich farmers fundraising gala dinner

The Botswana Ostrich Farmers Association (BOFA) will on September 9 be holding a fundraising gala dinner at Phakalane Golf Resort Hotel

“Ostrich production has over the years become a profitable enterprise for several countries worldwide. Botswana holds the highest number of wild ostriches worldwide, however the Ministry of Agriculture records show that there is only one registered ostrich farming enterprise. Challenges identified include high start-up costs, high feed costs and unreliable supply, inadequate stock, limited infrastructure, unsatisfactory extension services, and lack of research,” said BOFA in a press release.

“Botswana Ostrich Farmers Association (BOFA) exists to confront some of the challenges identified in the industry in order to equip farmers with necessary knowledge to get into this industry and diversify the economy of Botswana. However, in this noble pursuit, BOFA is constrained by lack of funds, and has therefore organized a Gala Dinner for fundraising purposes.” FMB

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