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Where does it come from?

Bufflo Story Pic

The question of the origins of the buffalo spotted in the Zone 11 area is still something that begs for answers as indicated by government officials at a recent press briefing.

The Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Agriculture, Boipelo Khumomatlhare said they currently had no clear indication as to where the buffalo could have come from.

“We can only know that after advice on the test results,” he said.

The lack of a buffalo fence around Zone 11 has been blamed for the buffalo being found in Zone 11,however according the Director of Veterinary Services, Letlhogile Modisa the Zone 11 area did not have a buffalo fence because it has never had buffaloes roaming the area before. He said installing the fence would pose a problem for other migrating animals and would be a challenge to the grazing of livestock. FMB

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