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Shohil’s Ile de France farming story

Shohil Maher’s attendance of the 2012 National Agriculture show turned to be a turning point for him as he was love struck by the Ile de France sheep on exhibition at that time. At that time Shohil was clueless about the breed and was seeing it for the first time. He however, could not hold and resist the animals as ... Read More »

Motlhagodi, Shango find value in pigs

Pig farming is one of the most undermined and despised farming sectors in the Agriculture industry. The public often develop a wrong and negative impression about pigs mainly because they have not taken their time to learn about this valuable animal. They are usually seen as dirty and smelling animals that cannot play a pivotal role in transforming the life ... Read More »

Nthaga – Poultry Master Farmer

The recently held Ghanzi Show saw its poultry and rabbits category being dominated by one man being Kago Nthaga as he scooped literally all the awards that were on offer. Speaking to Farmer’s Magazine Botswana in the side-lines of the Ghanzi Show, Nthaga said that he started exhibiting in the Ghanzi show in 2015 and has since been scooping awards. ... Read More »