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Reproductive diseases in bulls

Bulls play a critical role in the success of the farmer’s project. They contribute about 50% of the genes in a calf crop and as such their influence is immense as they are half the famer’s herd. It is for this reason that farmers have to make sure that their bulls are in good health, bearing in mind that the ... Read More »

Seed treatment critical in attaining high yields

Dry land farmers in the country are faced with a challenge of coping with unreliable rainfall and excessive heat conditions. The climatic condition in the country which is semi-arid requires farmers to improve the farming methods use. It is important for them to change from the traditional way of farming to the new and improved modern farming methods. These modern ... Read More »

Shohil’s Ile de France farming story

Shohil Maher’s attendance of the 2012 National Agriculture show turned to be a turning point for him as he was love struck by the Ile de France sheep on exhibition at that time. At that time Shohil was clueless about the breed and was seeing it for the first time. He however, could not hold and resist the animals as ... Read More »