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Sekobye brothers for quality farming

Over the years there has been a deep concern especially by the government that young people are not into Agriculture despite it being one of the sectors that can help them escape the current plague of unemployment. This however, seems to be becoming a cry of the past as the youth have now started to show enormous interest in the ... Read More »

Setlhaolo’s perseverance pays off

In the Southern District of Botswana about 86 kilometres from the country’s capital city, Gaborone lies the Bangweketse capital called Kanye. It is a village rich in history. A land that renowned public figures hail from including Kgosi Seepapitso and the former statesman Sir Ketumile Masire. In the same Kanye, there is an emerging millionaire farmer called Morris Setlhaolo. Setlhaolo ... Read More »

Affordable water troughs for small stock

Farmers often tend to focus on providing quality feed and overlook the importance of water in a ruminant’s diet. With sheep, the voluntary consumption of water is two to three times the intake of dry matter. The daily water intake of sheep can be 12 times greater in summer than in winter. When shade is provided, goats consume less water ... Read More »